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about us

Elizabeth Seymour is a Nurse Practitioner with years of experience in men's hormone replacement therapies. She also has an extensive background in emergency medicine, home care, and physical medicine and pain management.

What is the process?

Diagnosis Low testosterone and pen on a desk.


We begin with a comprehensive review of your health status to determine if you may need hormone blood testing.


Testosterone test

Comprehensive blood tests

It's not just testosterone that should be measured, but many other markers should be checked as well to ensure you get a complete overview of your hormone status.


Testosterone Cypionate for injection

Monthly subscription

If TRT is right for you, sit back and relax. We'll cover everything you need, from the injection supplies and medications shipped to your door to on-demand consultations. You'll be getting new blood tests 3 months after you start, then every 6 months after that. Testing is also covered by your monthly subscription.


Stop waiting to feel the way you're supposed to. Get your consultation and blood tests scheduled today.

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(406) 890-7677

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